The WWW Historical Perspective

The BBC has an interesting story out today on the history of the WWW.  The article features commentary from the following, "Top 10."

  1. Sir Tim Berners-Lee – Here is his blog, and his predictions for the future of the WWW.
  2. Professor Nigel Shadbolt
  3. Professor Wendy Hall – Her homepage.
  4. Kai-Fu Lee
  5. Dr. David Belanger
  6. Mitchell Baker – Her blog.
  7. Mark Bernstein
  8. Robert Cailliau – His website.
  9. Robert Scoble – His blog.
  10. Tim O’Reilly – His homepage.

Not a list to laugh at, at all.  So, where was I among all of this?  Well, thirteen years ago, while Netscape was undergoing its IPO and starting the first "boom," of what we now call, "New Media," I was working in IT at a large advertising agency in Los Angeles.  We decided it would be a good time to demonstrate, to our clients, at the time names like, Vons, Flamingo Hilton, Honda Motorcycles, that we should be doing something with this "WWW" thing.  Well, we built some small products in JavaScript (well, back then we called it LiveScript); we went to the first Netscape Developers Conference in NYC; we impressed our clients with flashy branding stuff.  Then I moved on to a classified service, headquartered in Orange County, CA… We began putting classified ads online, we migrated their flat-file system to a dynamic, server-side database system, then, we moved in on to a Microsoft based database application…
The point of the story, though, is that what was misunderstood fifteen years ago is still misunderstood by a great many people.  Click through to find out what and why…

Well it’s not hard to understand why the WWW is misunderstood by many people in marketing and advertising…
Is it a place for brand advertising?
Is it a place for direct marketing?

What is interactive marketing?
Well, I guess it’s both, if it is used correctly.  It provides marketers with the ability to build their brand in new and unique ways.
Most importantly, however, is that it brings the reality of one-to-one marketing to marketers.
It’s up to us, then, the agencies that provide strategies for our clients, to use the "New Media" environment to most effectively build their brand and communicate with their target markets.  We must coach them with the right marketing mix.  When is it appropriate to have a blog, when is it appropriate to have a MySpace site, when is an online survey a good idea, when should a marketer send email, how many, how often, etc….  Here at DMIdeas that is what we know and that is the experience and skill set we bring to our clients.