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Transitioning to Inbound: A Recipe for Long-Term Success

iStock_000019208898XSmallChange is hard. Most people will naturally resist it. But for organizations to keep pace in a rapidly changing business world, they need to embrace change — and leaders need to make it comfortable for employees to embrace it, too.

Anyone who has ever adopted an inbound marketing program knows supporting this environment of change is critical to success. In my experience, the best way to do that is to set expectations early about what the transition will look like in the first four to six weeks so that initial kickoff goes off without a hitch.

That initial phase is about planning, thinking, and starting the work required to get all the foundational elements in place so the program helps your business get found, get leads, and grow sales. Without this work, you run the risk of implementing marketing tactics that don’t speak directly to your target prospect, are disconnected from each other, and are ineffective at generating leads.

To help you or your clients started with an inbound marketing program the right way, here’s everything you should slot out to do during the first six weeks of implementation. I’ll leave it up to you to establish specific timelines that align with the resources you have on hand, but this “to-do” list should help you plan a successful launch — and perhaps make your organization a little more amenable to change, too.

First, Set Your Strategy (Not Your Tactics)

Not yet, anyway. The first phase of a well thought out inbound marketing program, the marketing strategy, is a little like building the foundation of your house. Without a strong foundation, your house could collapse. For instance, what are your business goals? Do you want to go from a $10 million business to a $20 million business in 2 years, or do you want to go from a $10 million business to a $10.5 million business in 3 years? Different goals often translate into a different inbound marketing program.

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