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More Social Networking?

Well, the "traditional" folks just can’t get enough of the Social Networking "Revolution."  AdAge is reporting, again, on the fairly significant changes in the social networking space.  Now Forrester‘s Charlene Li is getting in on the analysis, writing on her blog, that, "I believe that in the future, social networks will be like air,…."  She suggests the following in the same post:

  • Create linkages between services based on individually-controlled identity federation
  • Compete on creating the most compelling social experience, not social graph lock-in
  • Develop social applications that have meaning
  • Integrate social networks into existing activities
  • Design business models that reflect the value created by people‚Äôs social network

These are great ideas, it’s interesting to see that the "traditional" research companies are breaking new ground and helping us (digital/online/interactive folks) educate both the traditional agency folks and our clients.