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Search Marketing Spending and Trends – eMarketer

Search Marketing Spending and Trends – eMarketer A new story out from eMarketer is showing how search marketing dollars are being spent by clients. The data, from Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) used research from a Radar Research study. SEM spending in NA for 2008, by tactic The short version of the article is that of the $13.5 Billion spent in 2008, 88% went to Search Marketing and 11% to SEO. The assertion, however, is that more money will be flowing into SEO programs in 2009 because it delivers longer term results.
DMIdeas caveat… SEO works as long as you spend the big $$ on an infrastructure that eliminates human error.
The other takeaway from the article is that Search Engine Marketing spending will grow rapidly over the next 5 years as shown in this chart: SEM spending in NA, 2007-20013

More Evidence of Print Dying…US Local Ad Market Shrinking

In this article from eMarketer, The Kelsey Group & BIA Advisory Services LLC are projecting a 13.2% drop in local print advertising spending in the next 5 years. This is huge for the newspaper business.  Over the last several years, as national advertising dollars have moved online they’ve increased their focus on their traditional strong point, local & small business advertising. What is causing this shift in ad dollars from offline to online?  Well, the increasing ability of marketers to geo-target their PPC advertising.  PPC (both display based and text based) are far superior to offline print advertising competitors in their ability to geo-target, demographic-target, and, in general, perform far better from a conversion perspective.  Now, with PPC advertising, you’re not locked into a click through to a web site and then having to convice a user to fill out a form, no, you can have that add drive directly to a phone call to your business or call center.  Something that print definitely can not do.  This makes the impulsive click a definitive lead generator for both small and large businesses alike. We’re seeing not just a shift in small businesses, but other, larger, more traditional print advertisers, your regional businesses like car dealers and their networks, medical groups, and other regionally focused (and traditionally print based) advertisers. Click on over to eMarketer and read the article, it’s a short, but informative piece. US Local Ad Market Shrinking – eMarketer.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising – What Is It?

What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising?  The best example, and some would argue, most successful, is Google’s AdWords product.  This technology is based around a bidding system whereby an advertiser "bids" on "clicks."  This is a keyword based model and there are other companies competing with Google in the space.  Daber, over on ArticleBliss.com, has posted several interesting articles on the topic, here is one entitled, "Pay Per Click Advertising to Maximize Web Promotion."  Here at DMIdeas.com we believe that PPC advertising can be a very effective part of a larger marketing campaign.  It is also very effective for the smaller business that is trying to get some traction in the on-line marketplace.