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Google to Power AOL Search for the Next 5 Years

Google to Power AOL Search for the Next 5 Years. With Google “owning” 65.8% of the market (in this article) and Microsoft controlling 27.1% (this includes Bing & Yahoo), should marketers spend SEM dollars with Microsoft? The quick answer is “YES.” However, that comes with some caveats …  If, for example, your site gets the majority of it’s organic search traffic from Google, that is where you need to spend the majority of your SEM budget, that is where your users are located.  There is nothing wrong with just saying “NO” to a big brand like Microsoft/Yahoo/Bing …, however, if you do say, “NO,” make sure you know why you’re doing it, and, keep a close eye on your metrics to see if you get an “uptick” from organic results or a “downtick” once you stop advertising, it may be worth a small spend, for brand awareness reasons, to stay on those engines.

PPC Tools

Well, we saw a link to a Firefox plug-in called PPC Web Spy, it’s not a bad application, but it isn’t great either. The “free” version only gives you 10 keywords and going through the process to download the program is painful… with multiple “are you sure you only want the free version” pages before actually giving you the download. If you’re patient, and looking for new PPC tools, however, it’s worth the install. The link above takes you to the site for more information.

Join Us At The West OC Legislative Committee Mixer

Come out and join us at a five city mixer in Seal Beach on Thursday. We’ll be there talking about online marketing, SEM, SEO, PPC, Email marketing, and some new cool tools that we’ve developed to help out our friends on the Direct Marketing side of life. The festivities begin at 6:00 PM at Old Ranch Country Club, 3901 Lampson Ave., Seal Beach, CA.
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New York Times Loss Widens as Ads Shrink

The WSJ ran a story (subscription required) on the 22nd about this issue. This problem is hitting all print publications:
Ad dollars are leaving print… and fast!
Their Q1 losses for 2009 were worse than expected, around a 27% loss in advertising revenue. This outpaced their efforts to cut costs (not surprising, good journalism is expensive). Seth Godin, on his blog, is predicting that by 2012 there will be, “no significant newspapers printed on newsprint in the US.” WOW! and entire vertical market will be gone, or almost gone in less than three years! These are both interesting reads and worth the effort to see what’s coming for online advertising. We have seen with with our clients, and in our past, efforts to cut “traditional” media spending and emphasize online strategies. We’re helping our client get better results through email and PPC marketing; things that are measurable and quickly executable.

Small Businesses Seek Solutions Online

Small business is flocking to the online marketing space, why? It’s cheap, it’s easy to measure, and, well, let’s face it, print is dead.
What are local advertisers to do, though? They don’t have the large budgets to go to a “big agency,” they don’t have the technical knowledge (in many cases) to prevent being taken advantage of by small agencies, there are too many options for free or almost free web based services, etc… They have to do research and they have to trust their network. What do successful small agencies have to do, then?
They have to be good at working with small businesses, they have to treat each of their customers well, they have to be successful, because small businesses can’t afford the expense of a failed marketing effort, no matter how small. Email campaigns and PPC campaigns are the best entry into online marketing for most small businesses, after getting themselves a quality web site. However, they should definitely use a someone to help them, they do not want to upset their targets with violations of CAN-SPAM, or just over communication. Read the whole article Small Businesses Seek Solutions Online – eMarketer.