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AdMob Network hits 2 Billion Requests a Day – Google Mobile Ads Blog

Yes, mobile is the future, and it’s here now.  This article, on Google’s Mobile Ads Blog talks about the growth of mobile ad requests … AdMob Network hits 2 Billion Requests a Day – Google Mobile Ads Blog.

What Big Brands Are Spending on Google – Advertising Age – Digital

What Big Brands Are Spending on Google – Advertising Age – Digital So, you wondered who was spending what on Google… well, AdAge managed to get their hands on some internal Google documentation… what do you know, they found out all kinds of interesting things. Here are some “high-hard-ones:”
  • BP spent $3.6MM in June alone
  • AT&T, the #1 advertiser in June spent $8.1MM
  • The majority of their “direct-billed” advertisers spend between $10K and $100K per month
I encourage you to take a look at the article, it has some very interesting insights.

Microsoft Bing's Continued Growth 'Rattles' Google

MarketingVOX is reporting that MSFT’s Bing search engine is beginning to “rattle” GOOG’s share of the market. No surprise there, updates to IE8 and the MSN toolbar have been “tweaked” to use Bing as the default search engine. There is nothing really better about Bing, if you’ve used it, you’ll know that it’s a bit on the frustrating side, IMHO. Although, I can’t complain about being #1 when searching for “digital marketing ideas” (we’re #6 on Google). When searching more geo-centric, however, by searching “digital marketing orange county,” we’re #8 on Bing and #4 on Google. There is no PERFECT algorithm. The important thing, for marketers, is to look at where you’re ranking and then make sure you’re doing all that you can, on the SEO front, to rank where you want to rank. Bing’s Continued Growth ‘Rattles’ Google – MarketingVOX.

Court Rules Certain Keywords Potential Trademark Violations – MarketingVOX

Court Rules Certain Keywords Potential Trademark Violations – MarketingVOX. Well, this is scary.  The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against Google in a lawsuit (Rescuecom Corp. v. Google Inc.).  The summary of the suit is that if a user searches for a trademarked word (or phrase) then results imply sponsorship:
According to Rescuecom’s allegations, when a Google user launches a search for the term ‘Rescuecom’ because the searcher wishes to purchase Rescuecom’s services, links to websites of its competitors will appear on the searcher’s screen in a manner likely to cause the searcher to believe mistakenly that a competitor’s advertisement (and website link) is sponsored by, endorsed by, approved by, or affiliated with Rescuecom.
MarketingVOX also is linking to more lawsuits that are on the same topic over at SearchEngineLand. This is what happens when courts, judges, and lawyers who are out of touch with reality decide cases that involve technology that they have never seen or used or understand.  This is patently absurd and the courts need to move into the current century.

Social Network Marketing For Small Business

Social Network Marketing is here to stay. Right now it’s the next “big” thing, soon it’ll be as ubiquitous as email marketing or PPC. So, for those of you that are trying to do it yourself because you want to see what it’s all about, or, don’t think you can afford an agency to help you here are some tips from Perfect Business:
  • Write A Killer Profile
  • Focus on a Quality Network Rather than Quantity Network
  • Establish a Time-Saving Routine
  • Respect Your Friends
  • Start to SHARE
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And then, from us, some advice:
It’s important that your Social Networking profile/site be as professional as your business. Make sure that your copy is well written, that your page is free of typos, that you friends list reflects your potential customers and employees, and, perhaps most importantly, make sure that your profile provides potential customers with a method to contact you, either email or phone or physical address.
Whether you do it yourself, or use an agency to help you, Social Networks are here to stay and having a presence, no matter how small your business, is important. On a larger scale, the folks at Procter & Gamble (P&G), just held a little “summit” to figure out how to use Social Media to help their business…read more at Cincinatti.com. And here’s some anecdotal evidence that Facebook has overtaken Google as a source for referrals to some sites…