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VerticalResponse Email Marketing Blog for Small Business: An Email Marketing Lesson Not to Take from XFINITY

Here’s a great article from the Vertical Response blog about how XFINITY (formerly Comcast) totally screwed up an email… sent an offer to the wrong list, and then , to make things worse, sent a follow up email saying, basically, sorry, but you weren’t supposed to get that offer, too bad… Definitely worth a read to find out what NOT to do when you do screw up.

Very Interesting Email Statistics

Posting over at ClickZ recently, Jeanniey Mullen shared the following statistics as part of a post about permissions databases:
  • Every year an average of 30 percent of the people who signed up for your e-mail marketing list will not get your e-mails because their ISP will incorrectly block them.
  • 85 percent of the people on your e-mail list will stop reading your e-mails (without unsubscribing) after the third message your company sends to them (yes, company, not just your group inside the company).
  • 25 percent of the people on your list who receive your e-mails and never open them will be among the top 10 percent of your best customers.
  • An average of 39 percent of your current year subscribers will either unsubscribe, or stop reading/engaging with your e-mails by the end of the year.
  • Over 10 percent of people who initially read your e-mail on their handheld device will file it away, intending to take action, but never doing so.
  • About 15 percent of your list will read your e-mails and look to a social network like Facebook or Twitter to see if others are buzzing about the message or offer before taking action.
  • Over 49 percent of people who are happy with their recent purchase from your company will open future e-mails seven times faster than those who have not made a purchase in over three months.
Read the rest of her post here…

Collecting Email Addresses For Your Business

Are you having problems building a legitimate email list? That is one of the biggest challenges for email marketers. With the CAN-SPAM laws and email providers restrictions it is essential that marketers have “clean” email lists. How can you do it? Well, Vertical Response, our email partner, has a nice post on some good ways that a marketer can solicit email addresses and be in compliance with CAN-SPAM. It’s well worth the read, and, for implementation, we are happy to consult, design, and implement both simple and multi-touch email marketing campaigns, just contact us.
Here are their top 10:
  1. Put an offer on the back of your business cards to get people to sign up for your newsletter.
  2. Tradeshows – Bring a clipboard or sign-up book with you to tradeshows and ask for permission to send email to those who sign up.
  3. Include a newsletter sign-up link in your signature of all of your emails.
  4. Send an opt-in email to your address book asking them to join your list.
  5. Join your local chamber of commerce, email the member list (if it’s opt-in) about your services with a link to sign up to your newsletter.
  6. Host your own event – Art galleries, software companies (one here has a party every quarter and invites the neighboring businesses), retail shops, consultants (lunch & learn) can all host an event and request attendees to sign up.
  7. Offer a birthday club where you give something special to people who sign up.
  8. Incentivize your employees – Give them $ for collecting VALID email addresses.
  9. Giving something for free like a PDF? Make visitors sign up to your opt-in form before you let them download it.
  10. Referrals – Ask you customers to refer you, and in exchange you’ll give them a discount.

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