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DMIdeas Is Proud To Announce the DM2 Toolkit

DM2 = Exponentially Better Times are tough, so DMIdeas has your back!

Are you already paying for postcards or other mailers? What if we could do your direct mail, PLUS our exponentially better email marketing program as well – for the SAME PRICE you’re paying now?


Stay tuned, our new toolkit, DM2 for marketers will be launching in July 2009!

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One Online Site to Rule Them All?

AdAge is reporting that MySpace is rolling out a new "tool," for it’s users.  This tool will allow MySpace users to "control," their other social networking "applications," like Twitter, eBay, and others.  They’re calling the service, Data Availability.  This, "single site," or, as AdAge calls it, "control center," approach is going to make the social network expand even faster as more users are exposed to things that might’ve been more, "techy," in the past.  This will allow marketers to use these technologies, too, and expand their brand’s online presence.  This is something that will also allow users to opt-in to more communication with the brand, on their terms.  As the internet continues to evolve (insert funny Web 2.0 reference here) marketers will need to become smarter about how they talk to consumers.  Long gone are the days when a 500,000 piece direct mail job was identical.  Personalization and targeting technologies are about to get an ENORMOUS boost in focus, both for marketers, and for agencies.


Reuters is also reporting this with a different "take," than AdAge.

It would seem that this is another show of support by MySpace towards the Google OpenSocial initiative.