Google to Power AOL Search for the Next 5 Years

Google to Power AOL Search for the Next 5 Years. With Google “owning” 65.8% of the market (in this article) and Microsoft controlling 27.1% (this includes Bing & Yahoo), should marketers spend SEM dollars with Microsoft? The quick answer is “YES.” However, that comes with some caveats …  If, for example, your site gets the majority of it’s organic search traffic from Google, that is where you need to spend the majority of your SEM budget, that is where your users are located.  There is nothing wrong with just saying “NO” to a big brand like Microsoft/Yahoo/Bing …, however, if you do say, “NO,” make sure you know why you’re doing it, and, keep a close eye on your metrics to see if you get an “uptick” from organic results or a “downtick” once you stop advertising, it may be worth a small spend, for brand awareness reasons, to stay on those engines.