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How Important Is a Mobile-Optimized Site for Your Business?

From Mashable

Great article on why your business needs (or doesn’t need) a mobile site.

The amount of time and money people are spending on mobile devices is growing rapidly and yet many businesses don’t have a website optimized for mobile — at what cost?

First, the numbers. Mobile traffic currently makes up 10% of global Internet traffic, as shown in the chart below, and next year more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online, according to Gartner. Purchases made on mobile devices amounted to $6.7 billion in the U.S. last year, or about 8% of total online sales, and are expected to nearly double to $11.6 billion this year. By 2015, U.S. mobile sales are forecast to reach $31 billion.

Yet many businesses have not yet optimized their websites for m…
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Written by: Lauren Indvik at

The Mobile Playbook: Updated with New Strategies on Mobile Creativity and ROI

Google has updated it’s “Mobile Playbook” for brands. This document is designed to help brands and agencies develop “winning” mobile strategies.

Here’s what Google has to say about it:
“The Mobile Playbook was created as a one-stop resource to spotlight brands that are making mobile work for them and to reflect our latest recommendations on how marketers can approach mobile strategically.”

Here is the entire article and a link to download the “playbook.”

Does Mobile Work For Restaurants?

Yes, as you would think, it does. We have seen evidence of this in some of our client work, and, it was reinforced this week @SMXEast.

Here is an article from SearchEngineLand.
And here are some excerpts:
“The research was based on ‘an online survey of 1,500 US smartphone and tablet users and actual observed consumer behaviors from Nielsen’s Smartphone Analytics Panel of 6,000 Apple and Android users.'”

As indicated, the top activities among restaurant searchers varied by device. Among smartphone owners the hierarchy of activities was the following:
  1. Call a restaurant
  2. Look up directions
  3. Look up locations near me
Tablet owners were much more in “research mode” and were more likely to do the following:
  1. Look at ratings and reviews
  2. Find online coupons and promotions
  3. Research menu / specific food items
Read the rest of the article, along with some interesting links to more detail at SearchEngineLand.

Are Marketers Wasting Money on Mobile?

Well, sort of…Not a lot of budget is being allocated to mobile, so that’s good. On the downside there are some “scams” going on by mobile advertising providers.
“In the interim, brands should carefully vet mobile inventory providers for reputable publishers and specifics regarding click-quality controls and policies. Brands may also take advantage of ad verification tools and services, many of which offer blacklists of high-risk sites and click-fraud offenders. Ad verification can also allow brands to actively police their own advertising activity to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.”
Read more at eMarketer

Roy’s Restaurants Sees Massive ROI From Local-Mobile Search Campaign

Roy’s Restaurants Sees Massive ROI From Local-Mobile Search Campaign. Another article about what we did with Roy’s