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Socks & Shoes Tell The Tale?

Just a couple of funny posts over on AdverGirl about how socks and shoes give GREAT insights into agency life and how to figure out who’s who.
Socks for the guys…
Clothes for the ladies…

WPP + Yahoo! – Good For Marketers??

AdWeek (yes, I know, they’re always mentioned, but they are on top of things usually) has a story out, today, that discusses the deal between WPP and Yahoo!.  For those of you that don’t know, WPP is a holding company that owns 254 agency brands worldwide.  The following are some better known names:

Sorry about the long list, but I sort of took a walk down memory lane… I’ve worked for the WPP companies in the past and know people at most, if not all, of the agencies above.  Read my commentary after the break about why I think this is HORRIBLE for marketers…

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More Social Networking?

Well, the "traditional" folks just can’t get enough of the Social Networking "Revolution."  AdAge is reporting, again, on the fairly significant changes in the social networking space.  Now Forrester‘s Charlene Li is getting in on the analysis, writing on her blog, that, "I believe that in the future, social networks will be like air,…."  She suggests the following in the same post:

  • Create linkages between services based on individually-controlled identity federation
  • Compete on creating the most compelling social experience, not social graph lock-in
  • Develop social applications that have meaning
  • Integrate social networks into existing activities
  • Design business models that reflect the value created by people’s social network

These are great ideas, it’s interesting to see that the "traditional" research companies are breaking new ground and helping us (digital/online/interactive folks) educate both the traditional agency folks and our clients.

The WWW Historical Perspective

The BBC has an interesting story out today on the history of the WWW.  The article features commentary from the following, "Top 10."

  1. Sir Tim Berners-Lee – Here is his blog, and his predictions for the future of the WWW.
  2. Professor Nigel Shadbolt
  3. Professor Wendy Hall – Her homepage.
  4. Kai-Fu Lee
  5. Dr. David Belanger
  6. Mitchell Baker – Her blog.
  7. Mark Bernstein
  8. Robert Cailliau – His website.
  9. Robert Scoble – His blog.
  10. Tim O’Reilly – His homepage.

Not a list to laugh at, at all.  So, where was I among all of this?  Well, thirteen years ago, while Netscape was undergoing its IPO and starting the first "boom," of what we now call, "New Media," I was working in IT at a large advertising agency in Los Angeles.  We decided it would be a good time to demonstrate, to our clients, at the time names like, Vons, Flamingo Hilton, Honda Motorcycles, that we should be doing something with this "WWW" thing.  Well, we built some small products in JavaScript (well, back then we called it LiveScript); we went to the first Netscape Developers Conference in NYC; we impressed our clients with flashy branding stuff.  Then I moved on to a classified service, headquartered in Orange County, CA… We began putting classified ads online, we migrated their flat-file system to a dynamic, server-side database system, then, we moved in on to a Microsoft based database application…
The point of the story, though, is that what was misunderstood fifteen years ago is still misunderstood by a great many people.  Click through to find out what and why…

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Happy 15th Birthday, WWW

Well, its been 15 years since the development of HTTP… Check back later today for a historical, “look back.”