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Okay, this was SO HORRIBLE I can’t even comment… make the BAD ads stop!! + ?? = WHAT?

Hey, careerbuilder, isn’t your parent company bankrupt? What are you thinking running a BAD ad, with no point, that is offensive? Come on, try again, and make some sense!!!

SOBE + 3D Glasses = WHAT?

Okay, so, in the same way I’m sort of opposed to gratuitous use of FLASH, I’m opposed to the random use of 3D in commercials. I liked the Sobe Lizards, but, this spot was horrible. All we’ve seen is that these companies can spend stupid amounts of money without any measurable result.

Teleflora + Talking Flowers = Whoa!

Well, not sure what you were thinking, degrading women and degrading sending flowers… don’t touch the stove, it’s hot…

Death + Taxes + H&R Block = LAME

H&R Block, we get the idea, but, just not good, not good at all.