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New AdWords Integration Platform

Advertisers like to see reports in Analytics which are fresh – reflecting their up-to-the-minute AdWords settings – and consistent with the AdWords reporting. Today, Google Analytics is excited to announce that it is rolling out a new AdWords integration infrastructure for our advertisers to realize these benefits. More importantly, the new integration is laying a foundation for adding new AdWords dimensions quickly – such as Ads – and paving the path for a rich set of reports such as enhanced campaign bid adjustments and Google Display Network targeting settings. Highlighted below are a few ways in which the new platform will start impacting AdWords reports in Google Analytics.

Improved data freshness and consistency

With the new infrastructure, reports will reflect the most recent AdWords settings such as campaign or ad_group names keeping them fresh and consistent with AdWords. In the example below, a user has renamed their campaign thrice from “Big Deal” “Big Deals” “Big Deal – Car Accessories”. In the current reports, visits are attributed to the three different campaign names while clicks are attributed to the newest campaign name. After this change, both visits and clicks metrics would be associated with the most recent campaign name: “Big Deal – Car Accessories”, thus collapsing multiple rows into a single row.


Laying the foundation for richer reporting

The new integration is laying the foundation for adding new AdWords dimensions quickly and for creating new reports with speed. Very soon, advertisers would be able to access reports based on their Enhanced Campaigns’ targeting settings; reports containing rich information to help fine tune ads targeting settings and bid adjustments for improved ROI (Return On Investment).

Show and hide AdWords data via linking

The new integration allows users to show or hide data for auto-tagged AdWords accounts by linking or unlinking the account to a profile. If a user un-links an Adwords account from a profile, all historical data pertaining to the account would be hidden by rolling them up into (not set).

Over the next few weeks, the new AdWords integration platform will be rolled out to GA accounts gradually.

Posted by Narendra Singhal, Google Analytics Team

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Mobile: A New Element For The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

Here’s an excellent article over at Search Engine Land on the importance of mobile in relationship to SEO and the impact it has on Google rankings
When we updated our Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors last month, we came very close to adding a mobile element to it. Now we’ve actually done so, in the wake of Google giving explicit advice that sites with issues for mobile devices might not rank as well, in the future. We were close,… Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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9 Key Elements Missing From Your Social Strategy

The devil’s in the details when it comes to developing a consistent social media strategy for your business. Little mistakes and simple omissions can handicap your efforts — and leave you looking like a online novice. We wanted to find out exactly what kinds of mistakes business owners are still making on social media, so we asked nine successful entrepreneurs to share the most critical elements they see others neglect to include in their plans — and how to fix them. SEE ALSO: 3 Tips for Creating Your Business’ Facebook Page 1. Link to Your Website We see so many small businesses that have great content on their Facebook and other social media pages. However, finding a link to view a company’s website is often like finding a needle in a haystack. Make it super easy for people who are interested in checking out more about what you do and what services you provide to find your website! — Patrick Conley , Automation Heroes Read more… More about Marketing , Social Media Marketing , Social Media , Startups , and Branding

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The End Of Advertising As We Know It—And What To Do Now

AKQA’s Rei Inamoto argues that the thing we call advertising is over and offers four guidelines for moving into the next era, when 365-day connection, people-focused stories and business invention are key.

“How are we supposed to judge a creative idea versus a product idea?”

This was a question that surfaced during one of the many long judging sessions last week in the South of France where I got to preside over the Mobile category, one of the sixteen categories at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity .

It caused quite a stir in the jury room. Some strongly argued that creative ideas and product ideas should not be in the same category while others countered that real users don’t necessarily differentiate the two. Whether it’s a campaign or a product, brands are vying for people’s time. Another juror posed a slightly more existential question: Why would we assume “campaign” ideas are “creative” and “product” ideas are not?

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Keyword Level Impression Share Data Now In Google AdWords

Google has added more granularity to impression share reporting in AdWords. Already available at the campaign and ad group level, search impression share data is now available at the keyword level. You’ll find search impression share, search exact match impression share and search lost… Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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