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Report: Be Mobile or Be Dust – Advertising Age – DigitalNext

Report: Be Mobile or Be Dust – Advertising Age – DigitalNext. Great summary by B.L. Ochman about a report from Burson-Marsteller & Proof Integrated Communications, here are a few bullets, go there and read the whole article, and link to the entire report.
  • Mobile is not just for young people…
  • Location-based targeting is critical…
Anyway, this report backs up some of what we’re seeing with our clients, that mobile search, and click-to-call ad functionality is consistently performing better than other medium.

VerticalResponse Email Marketing Blog for Small Business: An Email Marketing Lesson Not to Take from XFINITY

Here’s a great article from the Vertical Response blog about how XFINITY (formerly Comcast) totally screwed up an email… sent an offer to the wrong list, and then , to make things worse, sent a follow up email saying, basically, sorry, but you weren’t supposed to get that offer, too bad… Definitely worth a read to find out what NOT to do when you do screw up.