Monthly Archives: July 2010

The "Gap" – Converting Prospects To Clients

Lately we’ve been doing a lot of work with our clients on moving their “prospects” over to “conversions.” This is something that everyone has challenges with, moving people “down” the purchase funnel.A Simple Purchase Funnel Here are some strategies that we’re using:
  1. Qualify your “prospects” though better targeting of your online media, whether it is SEM/PPC or Online Display
  2. Communicate with your “prospects” in a way that is meaningful to them – i.e., targeted, segmented messaging. This can be Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc…, just make sure it’s on topic and relevant for the target
  3. Have a communications plan – who, what, when, why
  4. STICK TO THE PLAN! – It’s easy to want to move too quickly, but, these things build momentum over time and, if the plan is well thought out it will work.
We’re seeing some VERY dramatic results, in some cases increasing our “opt-in lists” by 20%+ per month and increasing our conversion rates by 10%+ per week. The take away here, plan, plan, plan, and stick to the plan… and be RELEVANT!