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Search Marketing Spending and Trends – eMarketer

Search Marketing Spending and Trends – eMarketer A new story out from eMarketer is showing how search marketing dollars are being spent by clients. The data, from Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) used research from a Radar Research study. SEM spending in NA for 2008, by tactic The short version of the article is that of the $13.5 Billion spent in 2008, 88% went to Search Marketing and 11% to SEO. The assertion, however, is that more money will be flowing into SEO programs in 2009 because it delivers longer term results.
DMIdeas caveat… SEO works as long as you spend the big $$ on an infrastructure that eliminates human error.
The other takeaway from the article is that Search Engine Marketing spending will grow rapidly over the next 5 years as shown in this chart: SEM spending in NA, 2007-20013

DMIdeas Launches New Site

Well, it’s been a while in the making, but, we’ve just relaunched our brand site. This site is more dynamic that our old site, and is a Joomla! implementation. It should be more interesting for the user and provide more detailed information for our clients and prospective clients; it’ll also change more frequently as we add content from samples of work to case studies. Feel free to go take a look and tell us what you think.

Social Network Marketing For Small Business

Social Network Marketing is here to stay. Right now it’s the next “big” thing, soon it’ll be as ubiquitous as email marketing or PPC. So, for those of you that are trying to do it yourself because you want to see what it’s all about, or, don’t think you can afford an agency to help you here are some tips from Perfect Business:
  • Write A Killer Profile
  • Focus on a Quality Network Rather than Quantity Network
  • Establish a Time-Saving Routine
  • Respect Your Friends
  • Start to SHARE
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And then, from us, some advice:
It’s important that your Social Networking profile/site be as professional as your business. Make sure that your copy is well written, that your page is free of typos, that you friends list reflects your potential customers and employees, and, perhaps most importantly, make sure that your profile provides potential customers with a method to contact you, either email or phone or physical address.
Whether you do it yourself, or use an agency to help you, Social Networks are here to stay and having a presence, no matter how small your business, is important. On a larger scale, the folks at Procter & Gamble (P&G), just held a little “summit” to figure out how to use Social Media to help their business…read more at And here’s some anecdotal evidence that Facebook has overtaken Google as a source for referrals to some sites…

Google Toys with Behavioral Advertising, Keeps Users Apprised – MarketingVOX

Google is at it again, stepping up to meet the pressure and remain at the head of the pack of online advertising networks. With their privacy policy change today they will be able to deliver targeted display advertising through their display ad network which is targeted to consumer (read user) behavior. Read the article here on, or here for the full WSJ paid article. This is great news for consumer who will finally get relevant advertising in their display ads, it’s great for marketers who can begin to target consumers with something relevant on the display side, and, it’s great news for agencies who can again do innovative things with display advertising. This should significantly alter the way display ads are used, looked at, and understood.

Come See Us At OC's Largest Mixer VI

Join us at OC’s Largest Mixer VI
Join Orange County chambers and business organizations for the ultimate business networking event! Mix and mingle with business people representing hundreds of industries and companies in and around Orange County. Orange County’s Largest Mixer is a great opportunity to reach small to large companies, meet new clients and learn how the different chambers of commerce and business organizations can make your business grow.

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