Monthly Archives: February 2009

Doritos + Lingerie + GoDaddy + Danika Patrick + Shower = WOW!

So, apparently NBC decided to put the “provocative” spots together. First we get Doritos guy taking peoples clothes off, then we get Danika in the shower… Racy ads, but, not GREAT branding… which is, last time I checked, the point of TV spots.

Mrs. Potato Head Finally Shuts Up – Thanks Bridgestone

Taking a page from Toy Story and uses the Potato Heads to liven up their ad. Thanks Bridgestone, looks sharp.

Bud Light + Conan O'Brian + Leather = Hysterical

Okay, so Bud Light, just made my afternoon. Nothing better than seeing Conan in leather, fishnets, and bunny ears. Thanks Anheuser-Bush, oops I mean, InBev.

Doritos + Vandalism = AWESOME

That was hysterical. So far the best ad. Even after following the emotional Pepsi ad.

AVON + G.I.Joe = ??? WTF ???

So the G.I.Joe movie trailer looks worth watching on HBO, but that AVON ad was a joke… please, come correct, I don’t see a lot of value to advertising AVON on a Super Bowl broadcast.