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Why Retail Loves E-Mail

Why Retail Loves E-Mail – eMarketer The link above is to a pretty good article at eMarketer discussing the use of e-mail by retailers during 2008. An interesting take away from the article is that retailers increased their email quantity from 8.8 per month in January 08 to 14.6 per month in December! Another strong point was that 90% of the top retailers increased their holiday email volume as well.
“Retailers ratcheted up their e-mail marketing campaigns to aggressively compete for consumers’ dwindling spending dollars,” says Jeff Grau, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report, Retail E-Mail: Online Marketing Strategies. “That was due largely to the fact that e-mail is cheap to administer and delivers an ROI far superior to paid search, catalogs and other marketing media.”
Still, with all of the increased volume in email marketing, it still only accounts for 1.5% of direct marketing budgets in the US! However, between email marketing and PPC marketing, that is changing rapidly. Spends in both categories so far in 2009 are up versus the same period in 2008. Why, you ask? Because email and PPC marketing are measurable, testable, traceable, more cost effective, and much more customizable than traditional marketing (both brand marketing and direct marketing) and advertisers can do more for less.

Come Meet Us In La Mirada

DMIdeas will be at the Tri-City Business Expo in La Mirada today. Come out and say hello, let us know that you saw us online and we will have something special for you. The event will be held at the La Mirada Golf Course Clubhouse, today, from 4:30-7:30 PM and is a free event.
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iMetrics Comes of Age … More Web Ads Improve Their Aim –

More Web Ads Improve Their Aim – “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…” Sorry, wrong story.  It was a long time ago, however, when I was at Wunderman.  We created this metrics package because we didn’t trust the client’s reporting package.  We called it iMetrics and, while we were building this tracking package we realized that not only could we tell what our users were doing on the site, but, we could, with the inclusion of a VERY small piece of additional code, deliver targeted call-to-action messaging during their browsing experience.  We played with it, talked to our strategy and planning folks, and created some interesting logic to deliver the ads based on the users actions within the site.  Using this simple methodology we were able to boot our lead generation for the client by more than 2000% (no, that isn’t a typo).  The message, from that, and something that has continued to stick with me for the past 10 years, is, “Give the Consumer What They Want, When They Want It.” This ties directly to something over on eMarketer, an article about ad personalization & targeting, another good read.

Click Fraud Climbing – eMarketer

Click Fraud Climbing – eMarketer. This is a great article from eMarketer discussing an increasingly important phenomenon… Click Fraud.  Many Search Marketing (SEM/PPC) firms out there use something called “automated bid management.”  The problem with these automated systems is that they react only to activity, they’re not looking at the posibilitiy of fraud, etc.  It is important, in my opinion, that only a mix of custom developed automated tools and human monitoring can succeed in today’s volatile marketplace. Marketing Vox had an article on this topic at the end of January, as well. ???

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