Monthly Archives: January 2009

WPP Takes Stake in Omniture

WPP Takes Stake in Omniture. Well, it’s happened.  The analytics company is “in bed” with the “big agency.”  Who’s looking out for the client?  Almost 10y ago I led a team to build the first ever (that we knew of) metrics system that delivered behavior based targeting as well as analytics for one of our clients.  The client asked, “why should I trust your numbers,” and we used a 3rd party to validate our results for them.  Now, the 3rd party is just another shill for the agency… Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it,… and in the case of client’s demanding lower fees and more services, this is the kind of thing that happens.

Y&R Bolsters Digital Capabilities via VML Alliance

Y&R Bolsters Digital Capabilities via VML Alliance. Here we have another “honest” answer from a “big agency” about how they’ve been doing interactive.  When Y&R bought VML in 2001 I was at Y&R.  We were told, then, than all of our interactive work would be moving to VML and we all needed to start looking elsewhere for employment.  Since that time Y&R has moved/lost much of the individual office work to VML.  This story is about 7y too late in coming, IMHO.