Monthly Archives: December 2008

Proof That Print Advertising is Dying? is running an AP story, here, breaking the news that Tribune Co., the owner of the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Cubs, Orlando Sentinel (they've posted a story as well), etc., is considering filing bankruptcy.  The Wall Street Journal reports that they've hired investment firm Lazard Ltd., and law firm Sidley Austin, to help them get through a Chapter 11 filing.

What will this mean for advertising agencies?  In my opinion, more of what we've seen in the last few weeks, ad dollars will be moving from the offline world of shotgun style strategies to a highly targeted online world.

The Future of PPC, SEO, SEM and Online Media in A Down Economy

An interesting, and positive article appeared in The Economist on November 28th about online advertising and how we will be impacted by the faltering economy. To summarize, although advertising budgets will likely be cut in the coming months/years, there is a good chance that Internet Marketing will be able to defend its usefulness and survive the turmoil.  SEO and other marketing and branding tactics used on the Internet currently allow for actual data to be tracked, and metrics to be provided to a company so that there is justification for where and how the advertising money is spent.  According to the article, “All this makes spending on advertising much less speculative, so that it starts to be treated instead as a cost of sales.” This is good news for the Interactive Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Google Adword agencies out there.  If these forecasters are right, then even in a recession this sector of the economy can still show growth.  As the article points out, we may need to look for different avenues to reach the consumer, such as a focus on social networking sites, but with creativity it should be possible to weather the storm.