Monthly Archives: June 2008

WPP's Martin Sorrell Calls Out Google (sort of…)

While moderating a discussion in Cannes about the future of the internet and Brand v. Metrics, Sorrell, onstage with Google & Yahoo! executives, the discussion quickly moved to the partnerships between Google and Yahoo (that we discussed here).  He even prodded Google for attempting to go directly after clients while making the agency irrelevant.  AdWeek has a great article on this event.  This comes from the same guy that worked a partnership with Google….

Colleen DeCourcy Says Goodbye to the Cyber Lions

AdWeek‘s Colleen DeCourcy talks about how the internet has evolved and the Cannes Cyber Lions don’t really make any sense anymore.  She has some very interesting insights into how the interactive marketing arena has changed in the last decade.


Well, it looks like the Yahoo!Microsoft "mating dance" is over, at least on the Yahoo! side of things.  Today’s New York Times is reporting that Yahoo! has announced an agreement that will partner them with Google for the purposes of displaying contextual, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising into the Yahoo! search results.  This seems to be good for advertisers… Google’s PPC program will allow them to manage their PPC buys in a central location using a single tool across two of the largest search networks on the Internet.

Socks & Shoes Tell The Tale?

Just a couple of funny posts over on AdverGirl about how socks and shoes give GREAT insights into agency life and how to figure out who’s who.
Socks for the guys…
Clothes for the ladies…

Ballmer Calls Out Print Media

In the Washington Post, Steve Ballmer (MSFT‘s CEO), calls out print media.  He says it’ll be gone in 10 years and ALL media consumed will be delivered over an IP based network…. read the article.