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More Social Networking?

Well, the "traditional" folks just can’t get enough of the Social Networking "Revolution."  AdAge is reporting, again, on the fairly significant changes in the social networking space.  Now Forrester‘s Charlene Li is getting in on the analysis, writing on her blog, that, "I believe that in the future, social networks will be like air,…."  She suggests the following in the same post:

  • Create linkages between services based on individually-controlled identity federation
  • Compete on creating the most compelling social experience, not social graph lock-in
  • Develop social applications that have meaning
  • Integrate social networks into existing activities
  • Design business models that reflect the value created by people’s social network

These are great ideas, it’s interesting to see that the "traditional" research companies are breaking new ground and helping us (digital/online/interactive folks) educate both the traditional agency folks and our clients.

One Online Site to Rule Them All?

AdAge is reporting that MySpace is rolling out a new "tool," for it’s users.  This tool will allow MySpace users to "control," their other social networking "applications," like Twitter, eBay, and others.  They’re calling the service, Data Availability.  This, "single site," or, as AdAge calls it, "control center," approach is going to make the social network expand even faster as more users are exposed to things that might’ve been more, "techy," in the past.  This will allow marketers to use these technologies, too, and expand their brand’s online presence.  This is something that will also allow users to opt-in to more communication with the brand, on their terms.  As the internet continues to evolve (insert funny Web 2.0 reference here) marketers will need to become smarter about how they talk to consumers.  Long gone are the days when a 500,000 piece direct mail job was identical.  Personalization and targeting technologies are about to get an ENORMOUS boost in focus, both for marketers, and for agencies.


Reuters is also reporting this with a different "take," than AdAge.

It would seem that this is another show of support by MySpace towards the Google OpenSocial initiative.

It's The Economy, Stupid…

What’s happening with the economy?  Every day there is another news story about someone loosing their house because the economy is … dare I say it … in a RECESSION.  Well how is this downturn going to affect the advertising industry?  Companies still need to advertise, right?  Of course, it’s more important in a "down" economy for companies to fight harder for their share of the dwindling consumer dollar.
So, what is a company to do with it’s marketing budget?
Why, you ask?  Because it is measurable, trackable, and it is not hard to generate the metrics to determine if a campaign is successful.
eMarketer has an interesting article, today, on a study conducted in February by Penton Research for PROMO Magazine that talks directly to this point.  It is reporting that 43% of marketers surveyed are planning to increase their online marketing budgets in 2008.

Chrysler Marketing – Genius or Lunacy

Sorry this isn’t digital in nature, but, it’s so… interesting that I had to say something about it…

Well, Chrysler is either being run by the smartest people in the world, or someone with a SERIOUS gambling problem!  Autoblog is reporting that Chrysler is going to GUARANTEE $2.99/gallon on gas for the next THREE years!  I’m not sure what Chrysler knows about the global fuel market, or if this is just a slick ploy to sell cars, or, if they’ve worked some deal with the oil companies to get a bulk deal on fuel, as happens with commercial  fuel purchases.  It’ll be interesting to see how well this works for Chrysler…

The WWW Historical Perspective

The BBC has an interesting story out today on the history of the WWW.  The article features commentary from the following, "Top 10."

  1. Sir Tim Berners-Lee – Here is his blog, and his predictions for the future of the WWW.
  2. Professor Nigel Shadbolt
  3. Professor Wendy Hall – Her homepage.
  4. Kai-Fu Lee
  5. Dr. David Belanger
  6. Mitchell Baker – Her blog.
  7. Mark Bernstein
  8. Robert Cailliau – His website.
  9. Robert Scoble – His blog.
  10. Tim O’Reilly – His homepage.

Not a list to laugh at, at all.  So, where was I among all of this?  Well, thirteen years ago, while Netscape was undergoing its IPO and starting the first "boom," of what we now call, "New Media," I was working in IT at a large advertising agency in Los Angeles.  We decided it would be a good time to demonstrate, to our clients, at the time names like, Vons, Flamingo Hilton, Honda Motorcycles, that we should be doing something with this "WWW" thing.  Well, we built some small products in JavaScript (well, back then we called it LiveScript); we went to the first Netscape Developers Conference in NYC; we impressed our clients with flashy branding stuff.  Then I moved on to a classified service, headquartered in Orange County, CA… We began putting classified ads online, we migrated their flat-file system to a dynamic, server-side database system, then, we moved in on to a Microsoft based database application…
The point of the story, though, is that what was misunderstood fifteen years ago is still misunderstood by a great many people.  Click through to find out what and why…

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