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Consumers Like Email!

MarketingVox has a story today, about the continuing preference of consumers for email for commercial correspondence.  Here is a brief synopsis of the results, click over to the MarketingVox article for their take, or the original at Habeas, or the MarketingCharts opinion.


  • 67% of respondents prefer email as a communications channel over other online vehicles, and 65% say they believe that will remain the preference in five years.
  • Consumer opinion of the future importance of email registers far above future expectations for video conferencing (19%), instant messaging (17%), SMS text messages (12%) and Web meetings (12%).
  • 65% of the demographic ages 18-34 – those most comfortable with IM, SMS and emerging communications methods – say they will likely favor email to communicate with businesses in five years.

Online Threats

  • 69% of those surveyed expressed concern about being victimized by email fraud scams, an increase from the 62% finding in the 2007 Habeas report.
  • 43% of respondents voice concern over the spam and virus threat to mobile devices, up from 2007’s 36% – and a reflection of the increasing use of the "mobile inbox" through smartphone and internet-enabled phone devices.
  • As many as 35% of those surveyed do not know what to look for when trying to sift through emails that might potentially be dangerous.

Unique Approach – The DMIdeas "Way"

The "mantra" of DMIdeas is to create innovative and engaging digital marketing for their client-partners.  Taking a new approach to the client-agency relationship, DMIdeas examines each potential opportunity as an opportunity to partner for growth rather than merely provide marketing services.  Big agencies are "locked" into either the fee or AOR model, they don’t have the "freedom" at the local office level to form strategic partnerships.  At DMIdeas we look forward to working with partners strategically rather than just providing marketing services.

Microsoft Stops At Nothing?

Well, it’s just odd, Microsoft will begin a form of payment to have users on their LIVE Search product.  MediaWeek has an interesting "take" on the "offer" from MSFT.  My view is that the guys in Seattle will stop at nothing to try and catch Google & Yahoo!  The problem is that Microsoft has become too large and cumbersome to effectively generate new product innovation.  They have BRILLIANT people working for them, however, that doesn’t stop a flawed corporate structure and process…  Anyway, we’ll just have to wait and see how this works for them.

WPP + Yahoo! – Good For Marketers??

AdWeek (yes, I know, they’re always mentioned, but they are on top of things usually) has a story out, today, that discusses the deal between WPP and Yahoo!.  For those of you that don’t know, WPP is a holding company that owns 254 agency brands worldwide.  The following are some better known names:

Sorry about the long list, but I sort of took a walk down memory lane… I’ve worked for the WPP companies in the past and know people at most, if not all, of the agencies above.  Read my commentary after the break about why I think this is HORRIBLE for marketers…

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CBS Gets Aggressive Online

Out of the blue, for many analysts, CBS has agreed, today, to acquire CNETAdWeek is reporting that news; in addition, they’re reporting that CBS is also worked a deal with the Lonleygirl15 creators.

According to Nielsen Online data being reported on AdWeek, the combination of the CNET and CBS online properties will generate approximately 60+ million unique visitors per month.

The Lonleygirl15 deal is described in depth in the AdWeek story.  The summary, however, is that CBS will be using EQAL, the creators of Lonleygirl15, to enhance the online facets of their offline programming.